• Archbishop of Canterbury blogs on British society 'shaped and founded on Christianity'
    Archbishop Justin Welby has contributed to the current debate about whether Britain is a Christian country, saying that society’s laws and values “have been shaped and founded on Christianity”. Archbishop Justin writes on his blog today (Thursday): “It is a historical fact (perhaps unwelcome to some, but true) that our main systems of ethics, the way we do l
  • Pope Francis: There are 'bat-like Christians' who prefer shadows to the light of the Lord
    Pope Francis said there are Christians who are afraid of the joy of Christ’s resurrection and who instead prefer sadness and staying in the shadows just like bats. The importance of Christians being joyful, rather than sad or fearful, was the focus of the Pope's reflections during his homily at Thursday's Mass celebrated in the Santa Marta residenc
  • Background to canonisation of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II
    The canonisations of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II April 27 will mark a historic moment for the Catholic Church. To explore the meaning of the lives of these modern-day spiritual heroes, the US Bishops media office have published a special feature on their website which includes biographies of the two Popes, links to their writings and encyclicals on