Camino de Santiago Walk 2019

Find out how a group  from Christ the King in Coventry, led by Fr Tom  are getting on with their Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Seven days, five days walking from Sarria.  A group of 16, 14 walkers. 

CTK Camino de Santiago 2019

The diary below is by Chloe McCleod

Day 7-  Friday  13th September – Rest Day

Our final day in Santiago. We went for our certificates  this morning. A Lovely day today we all spent a day either shopping or exploring or walking around or eating. Lovely atmosphere and lovely staff around. Had a lovely mass and Father Tom took part.  We fly home tomorrow. Wish us a safe journey home we have prayed for you all!

Day 6- Walking Day 5 – Thursday 12th September- Pedrouzo  to Santiago- 13 miles walked.

This was our fifth and last walking day of our wonderful Camino de Santiago pilgrimage walk of 73 miles or 100 Km, by 14 walkers from Christ the King parish.

We made it!!! We set off today on a hard day and long day. We got to the chapel, said mass with a lovely Chinese lady called Denise.  We met lots of Irish people along the way. We met a man, called Anthony, who lives in London but came originally from Dublin. He comes to Coventry once a month to help with developments and contracts to do with Scott’s lane houses, small world!!  We made it to Santiago and had a group picture it was lovely it was 30°C and we all sat and had a drink!! Lovely end to a lovely pilgrimage!!

Tomorrow is a free day before we return home on Saturday.  We will go for out certificates tomorrow as well as enjoying the sights of Santiago.

Day 5- Walking Day 4 – Wednesday 11th September- Arzua to Pedrouzo – 13 miles walked.

Slightly drizzly in the morning and then perked up later on. Lovely morning to walk in as it wasn’t too warm!  We walked up lots of “sneaky hills” as Peter likes to call them. In one of our breaks today we met three Irish Ladies who were beautiful singers and gave us a great rendition of ‘The Galway Shawl ‘ with a nice round of applause from all other pilgrims. Stopped off for lunch around 2 and majority had Egg and chips.. When we returned to our hotel this evening Father Tom said a nice mass in the hotel grounds.  It was a lovely finish although we were all very tired. Finished off with Clams and pasta for starter. White hake with potato’s for main and Camiño cake for dessert. Shots to end the night.

Day 4- Walking Day 3 – Tuesday 10th September- Palas de Rei  to Arzua-  19 miles walked.

We were dropped off at La Cabana this morning at 8:30am. We set off on a 19 mile walk.  This was the roughest day so far. The hills were up and down and so steep!  It was very hard day but was joined by John and Nellie for coffee and for lunch. We stopped at Melide where Father Tom said mass outdoors.
Just a short update tonight as we are all extremely tired!!

Day 3- Walking Day 2 – Monday 9th September-Portomarin to Palas de Rei  –  16 miles walked.

Today was a very hard day, to start of there was an incline of 9 miles in which we had to walk at a steady pace but was hard.  Majority of us walked fine. It was hard but together as a group we managed all looking out for each other.  It then got easier as the day went on it was amazing the sights were incredible. It was so relaxing walking on the flat tarmac. Coming across cows and dogs and horses amazing day.  We did a total of 16 miles today to Palas de Rei and met at La Cabana it was cooler around 22°C with lots of cloud to cover us, no one was sunburnt tonight that was for sure!!  After a shower, we all went to 7.30pm mass celebrated in the hotel by Father Tom as he did last night. We then had a very nice evening dinner, where we also toasted and celebrated my 19th birthday. Lovely evening, John O’Farrell joined us with a struggle to get to this remote area.

Overall a brilliant amazing day. Brilliant way to spend my birthday and amazing company the hotel staff were amazing and never been happier. Three course meals for dinner and egg and chips for Chloe and Peter Martin at lunch time!!!! We move on to the second hotel tomorrow!!

Day 2- Walking Day 1 – Sunday 8th September- Sarria to Portomarin – 13.9 miles walked.

Today was a hard day. Due to walk around 12 miles and did around 13.9 miles. The temperature was at lowest 7°C this morning but grew gradually to 27° this afternoon around 4pm. We had a lovely steady pace some people marching on and other peacefully taking in the scenery. We set off at 8am on the coach and got to Sarria where we were to begin our walk at 9am. We then continued to walk till 10;30am where we met and had our coffee break and had a catch up and got some stamps. Then we continued until 2pm in which was when we stopped for lunch, made and packed by the previous hotel for us. We carried on walking then until 4:45pm In which we finished for the day.  We are now at the hotel, Balneario Rio Pambre. Where we have been greeted and shown our rooms which are lovely. Mass is at 6:45pm and we will be praying for everyone, followed by Dinner at 7:30pm!! Off for an early night after that.

Day 1 –  Saturday 7th September 2019 – Arrival

After a 06.30 departure from Christ the King. We arrived safely today at 14:30 and travelled to our first point of call, Portomarín. We were treated lovely and sat out in the sun. Some travelled into the town and other relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine. All safe and everyone had a lovely meal provided by the hotel.  Off for an early night!!