Lent 2021


  • Video Introduction Fr Tom link
  • About Prayer  Fr Tom  link
  • Video Bishop Robert Barron  linkStudies have shown that everyone prays; even some atheists say that they pray. So what is prayer? What makes Christian prayer distinctive? Bishop Barron answers these questions and offers recommendations on how to improve your prayer life. 

Stations of the Cross from Sunday 21 February 3pm at Christ the King.

Stations of the Cross

  • Stations of the Cross with reflections on the Coronavirus Pandemic:  link
  • Stations of the Cross for our times: link
  • Staions of the Cross for the Suffering Church: link
  • The Stations of the Cross:   link
  • Bishop Barron has recorded and released his reflections on the Stations of the Cross, an ancient Christian devotion that draws us into the spiritual space of Jesus’ suffering and death.