Live Streaming

Both Christ the King and St Augustine’s are providing a 24 x 7 live streaming service. Live streaming enable’s those not able to attend, to watch and listen to what is happening within the church over the  internet.

Christ the King can be accessed at: link. St Augustine’s can be accessed at link

This service is provided by  MCN meadia (

There is signage in both church’s to indicate this as follows:

link to pdf of the above link

The area within the church that is streamed is shown below. If you are within this area then it will be possible to see you over the internet.

St Augustine’s – 1 Camera

Christ the King – 2 camera’s

Upon request to the Parish Priest some Services may be recorded and then made available for download for a period up to 1 month on the MCN website.  After  this period the recording will be removed.

If you have any questions please contact link

Last updated 13th April,2108.