Talks on Our Faith

Talks on Our Faith

The Course is made up of 12 Units with DVD and discussion.

Units 1—6 January to February Half Term Break;Units 7—12 Half Term to Easter.

Please consider this course. It is suitable for those wishing to join the Catholic Church, but also for any
Catholic wanting to grow in the knowledge of their faith.

1. Is there more to life 9th January
than this?
2. Who is Jesus? 16th January
3. Holy Trinity 23rd January
4. The Bible 30th January
5. Baptism and Confirmation 6th February
6. Forgiveness 13th February


7. Holy Communion 27th February
8. Marriage and Priesthood 5th March
9. Sacrament of the Sick 12th March
10 Prayer 19th March
11. The Church 26th March
12. Our Lady and the Saints 2nd April

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